Naam, Resilience and Stress Reduction

Stress, which causes an imbalance in the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS), is recognized by both traditional western medicine and eastern healing traditions as being the root cause of most illnesses and injuries. In fact, 80% of all doctor visits for disease states, including those of the circulatory system (heart, blood, respiratory), glandular system (thyroid, adrenal, immune function) and mental health (depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD) can be traced to imbalances in the ANS due to sustained stress. Balance in the ANS is ESSENTIAL for good health.

Traditional stress management programs are long on theory and short on results because human patterns of behavior are very difficult to change. The root causes of why we think and behave in certain ways are often lodged deep within the recesses of our subconscious mind, where they throw our systems out of balance and lead to unconscious living. This is where Naam comes in.

Naam is the most powerful methodology for building mental, physical, spiritual and emotional resilience regardless of external stressors.

Naam provides concrete tools that work on the causality level, enabling the practitioner to neutralize negative mood states and balance the nervous, circulatory and glandular systems; the three cornerstones of health.

Naam also creates neurogenesis; the rebuilding of the brain neurons to create higher levels of projective, protective, intuitional intelligence.

Naam works through the application of breath, mudra and specific sound currents. It is a practical, results oriented approach to dealing with stress in these difficult times. The tools used in Naam; breath, mudra and specific sacred sound currents, are recognized by the scientific community including Neurologist, Frank R. Wilson, author of The Hand, How itís Use shapes the brain, language and human culture and Andrew Newberg, MD co-founder of the Center for Spirituality and Neurosciences at the University of Pennsylvania and author of How God Changes the Brain.

Balancing the Executive Life™

BEL is the practical application of the science of Naam helping busy professionals maintain optimal levels of health, brainpower, creativity and productivity. The BEL methodology focuses on six profound areas that are essential for health, productivity and happiness:

  • Balancing the Autonomous Nervous System
  • Increasing Energetic Frequency to Attract Opportunity
  • Neurogenesis - The 3 Intelligences
  • Understanding our Energetic Imprint and its Impact on Success
  • Accessing Power of the Word to Overcome Obstacles & Raise Consciousness
  • Applying Heart-Centered Leadership, Living & Equilibrium-Based Action to all Areas of Life

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