Why Meditate?

Because it works. Meditation is not a new practice. It is rooted in the oldest traditions. The value of meditation for healing, awareness and universal peace has been practiced for centuries and the benefits are numerous to the physical body, the mind and the spirit.


What is meditation? Meditation is the exercise of awareness. It is the practice of raising ones consciousness so that you can live beyond automatic thinking, feeling and doing. When we meditate we tap into our subconscious mind which is the total of our current and previous life experiences. In order to truly understand ourselves and to change our negative behavior patterns, we need to retrieve traumatic experiences and neutralize them. This allows us to create new patterns for health and healing.



In Naam we meditate to connect to the one Source, we meditate to connect with our hearts and we meditate to understand our purpose. Naam Yoga is the practice of working with breath, sound (mantra), mudras and movement in a flowing meditation.

"The key is self knowledge and self healing." Code of the Masters by Joseph Michael Levry





This is a powerful meditation to connect you with your true center. Chanting and/or listening to I AM soundtrack will surround you and unite you with the healing energies of the Universe.

  • Sit in easy pose with straight spine
  • Take a few deep inhales
  • Begin chanting I AM, I AM and move your hands in a fanning motion
  • Hands are alternating (left hand near knee and right hand near heart, then right hand moves near right knee and left hand at heart.
  • Continue for 3 11 minutes
  • Inhale, hold and exhale