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While conventional medicine can manage disease, you can proactively and effectively take preventative measures in health and accelerate healing with self-knowledge. Cell salts play an essential role in stimulating the body's own natural defenses. There are 12 essential salts that are found in each of the body's cells. When these salts or minerals are balanced, you have health. When they are imbalanced you have disease. The Naampedia cell salt report will tell you which salts are most likely to be deficient and needed to address your health tendencies based on your personal planetary chart.


Do you know your Primary Planet? The primary ruling planet influences the general affairs of one’s life. It is the window through which our blessings and our challenges will come through. Our primary planet is determined by the day of the week that we were born. Use the adjacent calendar to look-up your birthday and discover which of the seven creative planets is your primary ruling energy. Want to learn more about the seven creative planets? Click on the symbols in the Naampedia Universal Calendar for details.



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