Why focus on breath?

Our minds follow our breath. If we can learn to control our breath, we can control our minds.

Most people today do not know how to breathe properly; their breath is shallow, arrhythmic and unconscious. Breath is simple and often we take it for granted, ignoring the power it has to affect the mind, body and spirit. Breath gives us life, for without it we could not exist.

Take a long deep breath and notice air filling up the lungs, moving out the diaphragm and expanding the stomach. This not only brings in more prana, or life force, but more oxygen to your blood and organs. Prana and oxygen move stagnant energy and cellular toxicity and replenish the body with life-giving nourishment.

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How many breaths do you take?

Try this simple exercise: Count the number of breaths you take in one minute

  • An average person takes 16 breaths/minute
  • Anything higher indicates your SNS, a measure of stress, is very active and thus your breath is too shallow
  • Breathe 8 breaths/minute and master your destiny
  • Breathe 4 breaths/minute and control your death

Each person is born with a specific amount of prana or breathes for their life time. Mastering breath will allow you to master your life.