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With great love and joy, we dedicate this web site to our beloved teacher, Gurunam (Dr. Joseph Michael Levry), who has blessed us with his undying knowledge, support and love throughout the years. As we have witnessed the miraculous changes in our lives and in the lives of our peers and loved ones it is with humility and gratitude that we share this knowledge with the public as practical tools for health and happiness.


Jill Cikins: Founder, Naampedia

Jill has worked in management consulting for over 15 years. During this time, Jill has helped many people and companies organize their businesses for greater success and efficiency. Through her studies of Universal Kabbalah, and her training in Naam Yoga and Bio-Metaphysical Therapy, Jill recognized the incredible opportunity to continue to help people organize and structure their lives for greater success and joy through the use of this knowledge and practical every day tools.



Sarah Gluck & Robyne Kassen


Naampedia would like to extend our special thanks to Tom Zetek and Sonia Sequeira for helping to bring this project to life.


It is vital to treat the root of any illness in order to bring permanent cure. Harmonyum sets a course straight toward the root of the illness, and positively affects the way you think, feel, act and speak. Harmonyum transforms your life, rendering it so pure and harmonious with the universe, that you will live with expanded awareness, creating greater harmony inside and around you as you experience the wonder of its intelligent influence throughout every part of your being. Harmonyum nourishes the life within you, causing it to flourish and awakening faculties within you that you never knew existed. It is the reservoir from which health, peace and happiness emanate, vivifying your life and correcting all negativity and dysfunctions in your being.


If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a Harmonyum session please contact: info@naampedia.com