What is Naam Yoga?

Naam Yoga brings together many of the world's oldest and finest traditions. Yoga, meaning to yoke or to bind, is a system of uniting one's individual consciousness with Universal consciousness. Naam Yoga is a unique culmination of ancient eastern technologies, such as Kundalini yoga and Chinese medicine, along with Divine Spiritual Wisdom of the west, which helps to understand and work with the laws of the universe.

Naam Yoga works with: breath, to calm the mind; mudra, or hand seals, to balance the internal elements; asana, or physical postures, to strengthen the body; and mantra, to connect to our hearts and higher selves.

Together, these ancient esoteric arts, open the heart, balance the glandular system, calm the mind, strengthen the body and nervous system, and bring Love, Peace and Light into the hearts of those that practice it.

To read more about Naam Yoga see Code of the Masters by Joseph Michael Levry

Technology of Naam Yoga