What is a Mudra?

The hands are an extension of the heart and are intimately linked to the brain. Each area in the hand has a reflex reaction in the brain. By understanding these associations you can stimulate every part of your body and your brain through your hands. Each finger in the hand represents a particular planetary energy and corresponds to one of the five elements.

  • The thumb represents the will and is connected to the center of the brain
  • The index finger represents the planet Jupiter or the Water element
  • The middle finger represents the planet Saturn or the Fire element
  • The ring finger represents the Sun or the Air element
  • The pinky finger represents the planet Mercury or the Ether element

By examining our hands we can learn about our habits and tendencies that cause negative behavioral patterns and impact our health. Using the science of mudra therapy we can bring balance back into our lives, re-directing energy and reestablishing health.

"The practice of mudra is both a science and an art. Meditations with mudras are very precise through specific coded action, and are artistic in the way they mold consciousness and refine sensation and insight. By working with the forces hidden in our hands, everything within us becomes organized and harmonious"

Code of the Masters by Joseph Michael Levry

Mudra for a Healthy Heart

This mudra will help improve the vitality of the physical heart as well as help release pent up and unhealthy emotions. This mudra is beneficial for heart ailments, heart attacks, panic attacks and emotional heart aches.