why do you need a personal calendar?

Personal CalendarEach individual has a personal vibration and relationship to the Universe. Your unique path is set on the date of your birth and sets the cycles in your life. Within these cycles some energies represent your best times and some represent challenging times. The Naampedia Personal Calendar combines your personal cycle within the cycle of the Universe giving you insight into the various ruling energies of each day to help to ensure the greatest possibility of success for your endeavors.

on-line personal calendar package

The on-line personal calendar is a comprehensive tool set to help align you with your personal daily rhythm.

The on-line personal calendar package includes:
  • On-line personal calendar:  Log-on to your calendar anywhere and time!Sun
  • Detailed symbol report: to help you understand the 7 creative planets, the phases of the moon and the weekly energy
  • NEW! daily email of personalized practical tips delivered straight to your in-box

Each symbol within the personal calendar includes a full planetary report containing valuable information for health and success:

  • Practical tips for utilizing the energy of that day...understand what to do when
  • Positive attributes of the planet to nurture
  • Shadow attributes of the planet to watch out for
  • The associated numerical value and day of the week
  • Suggested affirmations
  • Beneficial meditations for each 52-day cycle including a description of meditation and benefits, mudra, or hand posture, breathing technique and mantra

The on-line personal calendar and daily email, starts on the month of purchase and is valid for one year.


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Naampedia on-line calendars are visually stimulating and allow the user to absorb information through the use of color, symbols and key words. The personal calendar package starts on the day of purchase and is valid for one year.

On-line Personalized Calendar $25

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