Personalized Relationship Guide and Calendar

A 12-month foundational spiritual guide to a happier and more fulfilled love, family, friend or professional relationship. Beautifully Crafted Calendar Available in Digital Format
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Featuring Divine Spiritual Wisdom from Joseph Michael Levry, PhD, DD, MSIE

Personal Calendar

Incorporating the birthdates of two people, this three in one calendar/guide will reveal the alchemical cycle unique to this couple. This cycle is an integral part of what determines the special strengths, challenges and lessons this relationship is blessed with. Working with this calendar will help you know what to expect throughout the year, help you deflect negative energy and instead project positive energy that could possibly affect your health, finances, relationships and your level of tranquility.
Your Personalized Relationship Guide and Calendar will include:

  • Powerful meditative quotes by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry designed to enhance the success of relationships
  • One year report of the seven cycles for person A
  • One year report of the seven cycles for person B
  • One year alchemical fusion of person A and B
  • Valuable advice on how to relate to others while in each of the seven periods
  • Healing advice on how to relate to your loved one while in each of their seven periodsĀ 
  • Energetic description of the seven days of the week that can be incorporated into your personal daily action plan
  • Holidays, moon cycles with advice on their meaning
  • Elegant and metaphorical photography chosen for the lessons nature provides to world


How to Use the Relationship Calendar for Harmonious Friendships

Alice is in her Sun Period

Kya is in her Saturn Period

Alice and Kya are roommates and best friends in University together. They want to maintain their long time friendship so they decided to share the Personalized Relationship Guide and Calendar and have recognized that their current planetary periods have very different characteristics.

Alice is really enjoying school right now. She is working hard and liking the challenge of learning new things. Her social life is flourishing and she is busy with a charitable organization as a volunteer. She has decided to have weekly mastermind meetings with her volunteer group at the apartment. She knows that Kya is in her Saturn period, which is often a time when people wish to socialize much less. Out of consideration for her need to withdraw from the world a bit and to process an emotional issue she is going through, Alice first gently expresses her desire to have the meetings and ensures Kya that they will be held during a time when Alice is in class. She commits to an agreed upon time limit. Alice apologizes for her lack of organization and cleanliness in the apartment and ensures that the house will be in good order after the meetings.

Kya has had a recent break up with her boyfriend and is really struggling through the healing process. School is hard and she is having difficulties with the group projects being assigned. She looks forward everyday to coming home to some peace and quiet yet Alice seems to always leave the apartment in a messy and unclean state from having friends over. It annoys her that Alice uses her groceries and does not replace them. Kya realizes that Alice is in her Sun period and is really enjoying a social life. Kya lovingly and neutrally addresses the cleaning and food in the apartment, being careful not to sound overly emotional. When Alice asks about the meetings, Kya appreciates the thoughtfulness of Alice and her commitment to be timely and orderly.


How to Use the Relationship Calendar successful Business Relationships

George is in his Mars Period

Anthony is in his Jupiter Period

George and Anthony are business partners in a flooring company. In an effort to improve their working relationship they invested in the Personalized Relationship Guide and Calendar. They noticed that every winter they have strong disagreement on how to proceed with projects.

George, who is in his Mars period, realizes that a lucrative flooring project is behind schedule, threatening their relationship with the customer. He is determined to push through this project with all of his strength and will and is angry because Anthony does not want to follow his plan of attack. George, after reading his guide on the Mars period, exercises and meditates prior to taking Anthony to his favorite restaurant for their meeting. He explains the importance of keeping their word. In order to avoid coming off to forcefully, he calmly explains his concern and asks for Anthony's opinions and suggestion for solutions. He is careful to let Anthony thoroughly express his thoughts. Even though they have a difference of opinion the two come to a compromise and successfully complete the job.

Anthony wants to take on another job offer and feels optimistic that they will be able to complete both jobs by their scheduled completion dates. He feels like George is being pessimistic and overly dramatic about their project being behind schedule. He's looking forward to lunch and appreciates the effort George is going to, to have a fruitful meeting. During lunch, Anthony decides to listen to George's concerns and take them seriously. Even though Anthony expresses his Jupiter related optimism about the projects, he respectfully works with George to satisfactorily address the real concerns George has by hiring a temporary part time worker to help complete the project in a timely manner. George appreciates Anthony's response and together they are able to make the best use of the powerful combination of Mars's determination and passion and Jupiter's ambition and ability to financially expand. They found that working with the Personalized Relationship Guide and Calendar has tremendously helped their business to grow.


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Online Relationship Calendars give you instant access to your relationship dynamics anywhere in time and space. The online calendar contains 'clickable' icons to help you understand key planetary characteristics and how to apply this knowledge for successful relationships.

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