Energy | Strength

The trunk represents the strength of Mars. It is from the trunk that the tree draws its strength and stamina. Mars is the planet of will and war. The trunk fights for the upward growth of the tree and enables the branches, leaves, flowers and fruit to receive their sustenance and water. Mars represents an unyielding spirit and will for fairness and truth and exerts great energy and loyalty to ensure the success of its efforts. Take this time to build the strength and integrity needed to support the weight of future growth and prosperity. Make use of the abundant energy at your disposal during this time to exercise your physical body for strength and stamina and to balance the excess fire in your system. You will have the ability to exercise your will power in this time, use it to remove old obstacles and to improve your health. The way you use and manage your energy during this time will manifest in the future growth of your energy and creations, so approach it with love and patience.