The term “branch out” refers to this period. Branches are the blueprint makers of the trees, and they lay out the direction and path for future growth. Branches relate to the energy of the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of the mind, and is in charge of all forms of communication and planning. During this time your mind and spiritual bodies will be stimulated in order to bring about an expanded sense of place and understanding of one’s direction and potential. You can expect many changes during this time as the lens from which you view the world is re-focusing and expanding its borders. Ride the wave and use this time to communicate and express yourself in order to find peace and calm through this period. Embrace change and work and study to expand your mind. Your intuition will serve you best during this time to guide you through this exciting time of change and expansion. Take this time to listen and speak your truth, draw and lay the plans for the blossoming of your trees. This is a time to explore new endeavors and possibilities, take chances and welcome change,